How to be a Liberal Roman Catholic

This website is divided into two hubs. This page links to all essays on religion. This page links to all essays on social justice. If you have been to this site before and already know what you are looking for, a very basic site map is available below. If you clicked on a broken link, you have been automatically redirected to this page. You may be able to find your link in the list below:

Essays on religion:

Δ Justice before charity
Δ Did Jesus perform miracles and is faith believing that he did?
Δ Should we do what the Bible says?
Δ Does God exist?
Δ Is there an afterlife?
Δ Part 1 (Prayer) || Part 2 (What the hell am I supposed to do with my life? || Part 3 (Catholic spirituality resources)
Δ How Jesus and Martin Luther King became messengers of oppression
Δ The Apostle Paul, Freeing the Slaves, Gender Equality, and Women in the Priesthood
Δ How Constantine destroyed Christianity--and how society transforms religion more than religion changes society
Δ There is nothing wrong with gay marriage, gay adoption, or artificial contraception
Δ Amos: A Prophet of Social Justice and Religious Toleration
Δ The historical Jesus
Δ A crash-course introduction to Islam

Essays on social justice:

Δ Run for you lives! It's socialized medicine!
Δ Four social justice issues (summer vacation, the war on drugs, immigration, and Islamophobia)
Δ Torture is responsible for half of American casualties in Iraq (Update: Torture did not contribute to the death of bin Laden)
Δ Does a just war exist?
Δ A comparison: Welfare for the poor, welfare for the rich, and corporate welfare
Δ Income inequality, wealth inequality, and tax cuts
Δ Will our legal system protect you when you need it?
Δ National disgraces: the death penalty and the criminal justice system
Δ Privatizing government services does not save money
Δ Why an abortion ban is not pro-life
Δ Justice before science: Can science really solve our world's problems? Can science save us from ourselves?